Why refer to us?


The foundation of our philosophy is built upon a team approach to saving teeth. We believe the patient is best served when the treating doctors are in constant communication and always aware of the treatment progress. We write detailed reports including the radiographs to ensure all doctors are always on the same page.


We do not believe any patient should have to wait with pain and discomfort. We offer same day emergency appointments to alleviate your patients discomfort or simply to curtail a patient’s anxiety regarding the root canal procedure. Our philosophy is to provide care that addresses your patient’s concerns regardless of the time of day or day of the week.


Above all, we want our patients to return to your office with a smile and grateful for the referral to our office. Our goal is for our team to be an extension of your team; a seamless process that results in a happy, pain-free patient and an exceptional root canal.


In addition to a Microscope, our delivery units are equipped with Ultrasonic Units to aid in deep exploration for hard to find canals, removal of posts and activation of our endodontic irrigants.

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